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Monday’s Music

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.

Giving you the music a day early:

Kicking off with a playful keyboard riff, the lyrics of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson‘s “The Sound” are as dark as the music is triumphant. Try “Why would I try to hang on to anyone else/It’s a hard enough time just trying to hang myself” on for size. While Robinson’s lyrics are often bitter and filled with self-loathing, his updated indie folk is usually gorgeous. Robinson will open for the fuzzy, indie popsters Suckers with their squiggly kaleidoscope of music as the Brooklyn band returns to Sticky Fingerz. Tickets are $8 advance and $10 day of show for the 21-and-up gig, with the music starting at 8:30 p.m. with Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, an incendiary live act.

Green Jelly originally formed as a comic punk band in the early 80s, scoring it big with their 1993 heavy metal ode to a children’s fairy tale, “Three Little Pigs,” back when they were named Green Jello. A lawsuit from Kraft led to a name change, and the band went on hiatus on the late ’90s. But following a 2008 reunion, the comedic heavy metal band is back … Read more >