Friday’s Music

The Sundresses .

Giving you the music a day early:

How good is the musical talent of the Midwest? The Midwest By Southwest 2012 Tour is answering that. Having already visited SXSW, the epic 10-day tour comes to Little Rock with three bands playing Vino’s: Wussy (Cincinnati-bred rock ‘n’ roll), The Sundresses (punk rock in the Swing era) and Oh My Me (psychedelic rock meets garage soul).

Okay, there is one band playing this show at Downtown Music whose name I can’t print here. Something to do with a color and a certain part of the female anatomy. I’m certainly no prude (I Googled the band name when I got home. They are a Mississippi band. Their music fits the rest of the bill.), but editors don’t allow certain words. In fact, the headliner of this show, VBT, works their death-metal infused grindcore under the safety of an acronym. Their name is something they say is a “South African anti-rape device.” Okay. Holy Angell is also playing this show. Their name can be printed here. They come from across the river in North Little Rock and play punk-fueled metal. Wraith is Searcy black death metal, and Mailbomber is north Louisiana-based metal. The doors open at 8 p.m. with the music starting soon afterward. Cover is $6 at the door.

Here’s The Sundresses doing their live thing:

The Sundresses