Thursday’s Music


Giving you the music a day early:

This music that GravelRoad calls “psyche Delta,” yes, it comes out of Seattle. Kind of hard to believe. But even people in the Pacific Northwest can get the blues, and not that slick, radio-ready blues that artists like Eric Clapton peddle, but some raw and rough blues. Wicked and primal even, but old-school blues with a boogie. That’s what one will find on GravelRoad’s newest album Psychedelta. How did it all come about? GravelRoad has been the backing band for legendary yet notorious blues artist T-Model Ford for the past three years or so, and that’s where the band learned their hard-driving, hill North Mississippi country blues. GravelRoad is on the road minus T-Model with their Juke Joints, Dive Bars and Honky Tonks 2012 Tour, including a stop at White Water Tavern. The show starts at 9 p.m. No word on a cover.

Here’s GravelRoad performing at a festival in 2009: