Friday’s Music

Dash Rip Rock.

Giving you the music a day early:

Sure, it’s the night before New Year’s Eve, but go ahead and get the party started by heading down to Stickyz and dancing into the wee hours to the swamp- and punk-flavored country rock of New Orleans’ own Dash Rip Rock. The rowdy live act is still fronted by longtime member Bill Davis, electrifying audiences with their boogie bar rock and good-timing tunes such as “Let’s Go Smoke Some Pot.” No word on the opening act, but expect the music at 9:30 p.m. with a $6 cover for the 18-and-up night. A night with Dash Rip Rock is a perfect way to send 2011 out the door one night early. (And New Year’s Eve is on a Saturday so you can sleep all day before heading out to celebrate the coming of 2012.)

Seemingly at least once a week in 2011, the Rev Room brought local music fans some of the best in local rock, and a night before the end of the year, the River Market club celebrates the wealth of local talent with its End of the Year Music Dump. Okay, perhaps the name isn’t the best description of what one will find, if they head down to the Rev Room for this night of music, but the bands include Fayetteville rock group Amsterdam, Little Rock rock outfit Grand Facade, Fayetteville alternative rockers Chasing Pictures, Little Rock rock ‘n’ roll act The Revolutioners and Little Rock rock band The Supporting Cast. The music starts at 8:30 p.m. with a $5 cover for 21 and over, and a $10 cover for 18-20.

Coming to The Afterthought is Mojo Depot, the Little Rock group consisting of Tyndall Jackson on guitar, Rob Moore on vocals and guitar, Jason Adams on drums and John Wright on bass, that has been making music for more than 25 years, creating original jammy blues rock and covering selections from The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Robert Earl Keen and others. The shot of Mojo starts at 9 p.m. with a $7 cover. It’ll be a fun night and a perfect warm up to New Year’s Eve.

Here’s Dash Rip Rock with their “Let’s Go Smoke Some Pot”:

Let’s Go Smoke Some Pot