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My Morning Jacket.


StubHub is giving away two VIP tickets to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 9-12 in Manchester, Tenn. The four days of music celebrating the 10th anniversary of the festival includes a diverse lineup of artists, including Eminem, Arcade Fire, Widespread Panic, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Lil Wayne, The Strokes, The Decemberists, Dr. John with Original Meters and Allen Toussaint, Explosions in the Sky, Beirut, Ratatat and more.

Here’s what the VIP package includes beyond just the tickets:

Exclusive VIP entrance

Preferred parking and camping near the venue in the VIP area for one car

Special shower and restroom facilities with attendants

VIP pre-event dinner and party June 9

Three exclusive VIP lounges located throughout the site

Exclusive viewing areas for the What and Which stages

Commemorative Bonnaroo package with two T-shirts and posters

Here’s how to enter (You must be age 18 or older to enter. And must have a valid e-mail so you can be contacted if you win.):

Tell us your most heinous concert story in the comments section of this post. You’ll automatically be entered to win. The deadline for posting your comment is midnight Thursday (June 2). We will pick one winner and contact them Friday (June 3). The VIP tickets will then be mailed to the one winner. Good luck!

This contest is sponsored by StubHub. Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival tickets are available at Go to for more information about the festival.

My Morning Jacket is worth the price of admission alone. Here they are delivering “Smokin’ from Shootin'”:

12 comments on “Win Bonnaroo VIP Tickets
  1. alex says:

    While at one of the rolling stones “last” concerts. A young guy sitting in the seat behind me threw up in my seat. I was disgusted, yet thankful that it didn’t get on me very much because I had been leaning forward in my seat. I made him change seats with me so I didn’t have to sit with the vomit. He was so drunk and apologetic that he obliged, however as he turned around to apologize again he threw up again and this time he didn’t miss. I left to clean up and couldn’t get back to my seat, so I had to watch the concert on the large tv, at a distance, that I had paid way too much for tickets to see, smelling like some stranger’s vomit and waiting for a bus to take me back to the parking lot with my car, 4 hours later. That was the worst concert ever.

  2. Chloe says:

    My best friend asked me to go to Juanita’s with her one night, and for some reason I didn’t even ask who was playing. It turned out the band she wanted me front row with her for was Attack Attack. I’d never heard of them, but I will never forget them now. Attack Attack plays screamo– or as they dub it “crabcore.” They were Atrocious Atrocious, and the whole show was Agonizing Agonizing.

    Afterwards I grinned and lied to my best friend that the show was All right All right.

  3. Nic says:

    So I was at a phish concert with about 10 of my being the guy I had a huge crush on and adored, we kept glancing at eachother, moving closer, flirting and wind up dancing by eachother finally..well, the first touch I received by him was his flying elbow jamming into my nose (to dancing around the room)..yep, broke it, blood everywhere, before our first words were exchanged that evening..Ohhh and the EMS had it in their mind nosebleed was from something else…really?!?!?!

  4. Alysha Moncus says:

    Probably the most heinous experience I have had at a concert was at Bonnaroo 2009. As is expected, everyone in our camping group was pretty elevated from some hard pre-gaming for the Beastie Boys. The smart one that I am, I tripped on the gravel road leading up to Centeroo and had my face raped by the rocks. Nothing was going to keep me from the show, though, and I proceeded to the concert, bloody face and all.

  5. Lollapalooza 2006, Day 2. I was running late that morning do to having a little to much to drink on day one and rocking out to ween. My friends had already caught an earlier train into the city so I figured I would just take the “L” in so save some time. There was Cubs game and something else going on in the city so the platform was packed with people. I was standing there waiting for the train when I stared to feel real hot and kind of sick, so I moved out of the way and crouched down in between two pillars. I started to feel sicker like I was gonna puke, so I went to stand up. Everything went black and got real quiet, I came to laying on the ground with a circle of people standing around me. I had passed out when I fully stood up and fell backwards on my head. One guy that worked for Chicago transit(I thought was an EMT at first) was standing over me telling me “stay on the ground,” I was in such a daze and so confused I had no clue what had just happened I thought I might have been robbed for some reason so I asked him what had happened,He told me I had passed out still In my haze I ask him why?(kinda a Dumb but funny question) It was in the 90’s that day so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I was dehydrated. I ended up having to bail out and not go to Lolla that day instead I got to sit in a ER for over 6 hrs. I wont even list off the bands I missed cause I’m still a little bummed. I hope this counts as a concert story even though I never made it to the concert.

  6. sarah says:

    last year at bonnaroo my roommate and i got front row passes to the dave matthews concert. My roommate was so wasted that half way thru their set she decided it was time to leave and jumped over the front rails right by the stage. she practically face planted in the mudd when the security grabbed her pulled her over and escorted her out the side … fortunately the guy who grabbed me didnt drop me in the mudd, unfortunately he did take advantage of some rather private areas to gain his grip.

  7. Kristyn Cunningham says:

    I was going to see Emery at Vinos in 2006. We were standing in a line that felt like a mile long when it started raining.. I was ok with that since it was in the upper 90’s! My friends and I finally make it inside where we are all slammed so close to everyone where I couldn’t even move. I got behind a pretty heavyset guy who was wet and stinky from sweating. He really liked headbanging and smacking my face woth his hair. Once emery started playing a mosh started right around me, which was fine with me bc I was used to them. Then out of nowhere I guy windmills me into the wall and knocked me out for a second.. Worst but best concert I’ve ever expiernced. It did get better bc when I was escorted outside to breathe I got to meet Gym Class Heros before they were anyone!

  8. Anna says:

    One of my horrible concert experiences was at Warped Tour (CLT) 2008. We were waiting for Chiodos to come on and play, and we had gotten there early so we could get closer to the stage. During the concert a mosh-pit started beside us, which wasn’t to bad ’til the moshers started bumping into us and knocked my friend down (she now has a scar on her knee) Then on-top of that there was somebody crowd-surfing every 5mins over our heads, and some of these rather larger people where very heavy.. Needless to say we didn’t get to enjoy much of the show due to trying to avoided the mosh-pit and not to let crowd-surfers drop and crush us.

  9. Kev says:

    King Biscuit Blues Festival, 2002: My friend from WA state got in a little trouble from the law because he was drunkenly urinating in public. The AR State Trooper asked if he had drugs on him, he said no. Without hint or preview, the Trooper plucked the bag containing the last of our chronic from the pocket of his pajama pants. The cop griefed him hard but let him go. He came back & explained but I wasn’t fazed; we had hookups here. About this time, 3 guys sat down next to me. The nearest one asked (with an accent familiar to me) if I was from AR. I replied I was and he stated he was from BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – First time in America. Having learned a thing or two in my travels, I responded in Dutch, “Angenaam kennis te maaken” (Nice to meet you). You must understand, Dutch is almost never heard outside of Holland/Northern Belgium. He was STUNNED & JUBILANT! He asked if we had a bowl because he was gonna load it or roll one. We proffered our bowl, stating how awesome this was because our friend just had his taken by the cops. As the Belgian prepared to spark the green hit, we asked, “What do you do back in Brussels?” He replied, “I’m a cop.” NO SHIT. I have witnesses!!! Easily the most awesome concert experience I’ve had…in a good way!!!

  10. Sandra Cassimus says:

    I saw the Rolling Stones in the New Orleans Superdome in 1981 (yes, I’m old!). It was packed so I was walking very closely behind a group of guys. Suddenly, one of them stopped with no warning, hurled his guts out, & casually continued walking as if nothing had happened! I almost stepped in it so I was totally disgusted–then & now!

  11. Nicole Brady says:

    My most vivid “henious” concert was when I was 18 I could finally get into good shows. My first being one of Citizen Cope. At the time I loved him, got there super early, and waited. A few friends were with me, and by the time Cope went on, I realized the guy next to me was WASTED and sort of ruining to mood. A friend kind of pushed him out of the way and he was behind me (out of sight out of mind) until he threw up all over me. Hair, clothes, shoes…covered. First 18 and up show and I was so upset. Everytime I’ve gone to shows since, 6+ years I know to never get that f’ed up.

  12. Wil says:

    Riverfest 2008. I was staring on in disbelief as two quite old and quite hefty women satisfied their desire to bare it all for Better Than Ezra and then everyone behind them. I’m guessing the guy next to me was also staring on in disbelief because he stamped out a cigarette without looking… on my foot… while I was wearing flip flops.