Tuesday’s Music

The Fiery Furnaces.

The Fiery Furnaces.

Giving you the music a day early:

The experimental indie rock duo The Fiery Furnaces, the brother and sister team of Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger, released their seventh studio album, I’m Going Away, in 2009, and are out on tour supporting it, including a stop at Revolution Music Room. Tickets are on sale for $10 with a 8:30 p.m. start time with the music of Cambridge, Mass., duo Drug Rug, whose power-pop tunes rely heavily on a late-1960s vibe. The Fiery Furnaces’ first single from I’m Going Away is the beautifully doomed, piano-led ditty “The End Is Near,” but other tunes explode with a burst of frenetic guitar and jazzy arrangements.

Christian-themed hardcore act Take It Back pay a visit to Vino’s on a tour stop with special guest Something to Stand For, a Little Rock Christian metalcore band. Take It Back’s newest album is the November release Atrocities on Facedown Records, a roaring work of shouted praise anthems with pummeling music such as the B-52 bombing run rhythms of “The Skies Are Empty.”

The Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival is returning to Mulberry Mountain in Ozark on June 3-6, and the Wakarusa Winter Classic is offering bands in 16 regional cities an opportunity to play the festival. The six local bands competing at Sticky Fingerz for a spot at the festival are Little Rock blues rock group Interstate Buffalo with their hard-charging anthems, Forth Smith blues-based jamband Copesetic, longtime Little Rock jammy rock ‘n’ roll outfit Mojo Depot, Jonesboro psychedelic jamband Starroy, Northwest Arkansas folk-based rock group Where’s Lawrence, and the Northwest Arkansas acoustic guitar and sax, Americana duo Waoka. The music will begin at 8 p.m. with a $5 cover for the 21-and-up show. The crowd gets to vote on their favorite band. Last year’s Sticky Fingerz winner was Conway’s electric folk boogie quartet The Damn Bullets.

Here’s a shot of The Fiery Furnaces with a homemade video to their tune “The End Is Near”: